Dataprobe Management

David Weiss

Name: David Weiss

Title: President

David Weiss is President and CEO of Dataprobe, where he is responsible for business strategy and establishing key partnerships and strategic alliances. With over 20 years of experience in product management and business development, David is an expert in the remote site management technology industry.

In addition to leading business development at Dataprobe, David provides strategic direction to the sales teams and oversees all marketing initiatives, ensuring activities align with the company’s business goals and objectives. He also manages R&D efforts for Dataprobe’s entire product line.

Prior to becoming President, David held various roles in technical support, engineering and sales at Dataprobe. He spearheaded all national and international sales initiatives and managed the company’s reseller programs. David also helped develop a custom capabilities platform that enabled products to be designed and manufactured to a customer’s precise specifications, elevating the company as an industry leader and trusted OEM partner.

David began his career under the direction of his father, Sy Weiss, the former president, CEO and founder of Dataprobe. He succeeded his father as the company’s president and CEO in 2001.

David holds a BA in Architecture and Urban Planning from the University of Buffalo.

George Foote

Name: George Foote

Title: Vice President, Sales

George Foote is Vice President of Sales at Dataprobe, where he oversees the company’s sales department, managing all national and international sales initiatives. George is also responsible for the growth of new business from the company’s reseller and OEM operations.

Prior to becoming Vice President of Sales, George held roles with the company’s test labs, engineering departments and technical sales teams. With over 20 years in the industry, George brings significant expertise in business growth and customer relationship management.

George holds a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from DeVry University.