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“We are dedicated to making every network
we touch more reliable.”

Dataprobe products eliminate costly downtime for critical networks. We help network managers get maximum uptime with a suite of products in remote reboot, redundancy switching, remote monitoring, and relay control.

The iBoot family of managed power switches eliminates the need for most truck rolls by providing network control and automatic reboot for failed networks. One truck roll saved provides immediate ROI.

Dataprobe’s products in redundancy switching and I/O transport over networks all work to help you achieve the most resilient network possible.

Dataprobe offers custom design solutions for OEMs, product modifications and unique solutions.

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Remote Power Control Products


Downtime may be impossible to prevent, but the vast majority of outages can be fixed with a simple reboot. iBoot®, a web power switch, enables you to reboot remotely, so you can restore a downed device from anywhere you can access a web browser. Why spend money on an IT visit or drive all the way downtown just to flip a little red switch, when iBoot® can do it for you?

With iBoot®, you no longer have to waste time or money going onsite to reboot downed equipment. iBoot® is easy to set up, easy to use, and is perfect for remotely rebooting servers, kiosks, ATMs, digital signage, workstations, servers and any other machines on a distributed network.


iBoot-G2S Web Controlled Power Switch

iBoot – Single Outlet Network Power Control

  • IP Power Switch
  • Web Browser Controlled
  • Automatic Reboot
  • UL Listed

iBoot-PDU – 4 and 8 Outlet Network Power Control

  • Web / Cloud / Serial / Telnet Control
  • Powerful Reboot and Notification Automation
  • US and International Versions
  • UL Listed

iBoot-PoE. PoE Extender with Reboot

iBoot-PoE – 1G PoE Extender and Injector With Reboot

  • Active and Passive PoE
  • Extender and Injector Models
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet Throughput
  • Web and Cloud Control from Anywhere

GPIO Controlled Power Switch: iBoot-IO

  • Single Outlet Power Swtich
  • Dry Contact Closure or DC Voltage Control
  • UL Listed

GPIO & Serial Controlled Power Strip: Serial iBootBar

  • 8 Outlets Independently Controlled
  • Dry Contact Closure or RS-232 Serial Port
  • UL Listed

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Monitor and Control


Get control of your legacy systems and I/O devices. With real-time status visibility and positive control capabilities, Dataprobe remote monitoring & control products bring the physical world of inputs and outputs into the managed network. Whether you want to automate a shipping yard gate, industrial freezer or irrigation system, our solutions enable you to integrate legacy command and control systems into a networked environment.

  • Transport Contact Closures over the Network
  • Web Monitoring Inputs and Outputs
  • Telnet and SNMP Manageable
  • Bringing network management to real-world events
  • Remote Response to Physical Events



  • 8 Digital Inputs
  • 8 Form C Relay Outputs
  • A/C Powered


  • 16 Digital Inputs
  • 16 Form C Relay Outputs
  • A/C Powered


  • 2 Digital Inputs
  • 2 Form C Relay Outputs
  • PoE Powered or A/C Supply

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Redundancy Switching


When you’re running a critical network, downtime isn’t an option. Whether you’re managing air traffic control, a security system or a data center, network failure can cost you your business – or worse, put your customers at risk.

Protect your network and get peace of mind with Dataprobe’s redundancy switches. Our line and equipment protection switching products keep your network running and your customers productive.

  • Web / Telnet / SNMP / Serial / GPIO Control
  • Layer 1 Physical Switching / Fail-Soft Guarantee
  • Many Interfaces Supported
  • Standalone, 1U and 4U Rack Mount Systems


RSS-3 Compact Redundancy Switch

  • 1U Rack Mount
  • Up to 6 Ganged A/B Circuits
  • Dual Redundant Power

RSS-16 Data Center Redundancy Switching

  • 4U Rack Mount
  • Dual Redundant Power Supplies
  • Up to 32 Ganged A/B Circuits per Chassis

T-APS T1 E1 Protection Switch

  • Standalone T-1 / E-1 Protection Switch
  • A/C and 48VDC Powered
  • Perfect for Customer Premise Installation

T-APS-R T1 E1 Protection Switch Rack System

  • Up to 15 T-1 / E-1 Protection Switches
  • Dual Redundant Power
  • SNMP Managed

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