Dataprobe Videos

We have a number of informative Sales and Tech Support Videos to learn about our products, and make the most out of them.

Sales Videos

iBoot Introduction

iBoot, the Network Protecting Power Switch. Learn about how to save time and money by minimizing the cost of downtime in your critical networks.

iBoot Cloud Service (iBCS) Introduction

iBoot Cloud Service allow you to manage all your iBoot units from a single web portal.

iBoot Model Selection

There are several iBoot Models to choose from and this video will help you get the one that is right for you.

iBoot-PoE Introduction

iBoot-PoE is a 1 gigabit PoE Extender or Injector with Auto and Cloud Controlled Reboot.

Tech Support Videos

iBoot: Getting Started

Learn how to get your iBoot-G2 or iBoot-G2+ up and running easily. This video covers initial network setup and connecting to the iBoot Cloud Service.

iBoot: AutoPing

Learn the AutoPing Feature can provide automatic network protection, and configurate it for your needs

iBoot: Firmware Upgrades

Learn how to upgrade the firmware of an iBoot-G2 and iBoot-G2+ using the Device Management Utility (DMU)

iBoot: What’s in the Box

We unpack an iBoot-G2 to illustrate the contents of the package.

Tutorial: NAT Address Translation

Learn how to use our products behind a local router. This video explains the concepts of Port Forwarding and local versus public IP Addresses.


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