iBoot-PoE Automatic Reboot

iBoot-PoE is designed to automatically configure itself to your network environment for maximum uptime. Two tests are used to monitor system health and provide automatic reboot when necessary. You can always adjust the parameters and features for maximum effectiveness.


For single devices, AutoPing will make sure you PD is responding on the network and reboot automatically when it becomes non-responsive.

iBoot-PoE AutoPing


iBoot-PoE also monitors the data throughput on the network and sets minimum thresholds. If the network degrades, iBoot-PoE will auto reboot to insure maximum bandwidth. Maximum bandwidth can also be set to protect against data overloads.

iBoot-PoE AutoPing


With iBoot's real time scheduler, you can use regular reboots to insure a fresh start each day. Power Up and Down equipment as needed to minimze energy consumption, heat and extend product life. Turn off equipment automatically when not needed for security and access control.