iBoot-PDU Switched – Managed – Cloud Control

  • 4 and 8 Outlet Managed PDU
  • NEMA and IEC Versions
  • Cloud Manageable
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Wide Temperature Range

When you need to reduce costly site visits, ensure business continuity and increase network reliability, iBoot-PDU gives you peace of mind. iBoot-PDU, a web-accessible, managed PDU independently controlled outlets, enables multiple users to reboot remotely from anywhere, using any web browser, Telnet client or SNMP manager.

From servers and webcams to IP PBXes and surveillance systems, iBoot-PDU keeps your network up and running.

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iBoot-PDU : Switched PDU – Managed PDU – Metered PDU

iBoot-PDU Operations

iBoot-PDU – Simple web browser interface

The web browser interface provides the easiest means of managing multiple outlets. One master unit can be connected to 15 expansion units, managing 128 outlets from a single web page interface.

The web page presents a clear status indication of each outlet, current draw across all inputs and the AutoPing monitoring, if implemented.

Each outlet can be individually selected, or multiple outlets can be simultaneously operated. User selectable cycle timer allows single command reboot. Delay timer limits inrush current by staggering power up when multiple devices are simultaneously controlled.

iBoot-PDU Web Browser Video

iBoot-PDU Web UI Video





iBoot-PDU – Sophisticated Automation

Monitor critical parameters and take corrective action immediately. Build complex notification and reporting for environmental, power and network faults. Set trigger points and create sequences of responses to keep your network up and running.

  • AutoPing
  • Temperature with accessory probe
  • Mains Current
  • Mains Voltage
  • Time of Day


iBoot-PDU Sequence Setup



Cloud Manageable

iBoot Cloud Service (iBCS) allows customers with iBoot-PDU to access and control multiple units in multiple locations from a single portal with a single sign-on.

iBCS will not only make using iBoots easier, by consolidating all units into one sign-on and interface, it will also enhance the number of situations where iBoot can be deployed.

  • Customers with Dynamic IP addressing to always be able to access their iBoot from any location.
  • Service providers manage multiple customer accounts with diverse security configurations
  • Customers that are not allow in-bound connections to access their iBoots.

iBoot-PDU – Manage Multiple Locations / Outlets

One iBoot-PDU can be linked to and manage multiple additional PDUs, creating a single easy to manage cluster. These units can be in the same rack, or across the world, making it easy to view, and operate all your outlets from a single web page.

Outlets can be grouped together to be managed simultaneously. Outlets can be on the same PDU or accross all PDUs in the cluster. Groups are ideal for managing devices with redundant power supplies, or rebooting all email servers at 2AM every night.


iBoot-PDU Global View



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iBoot-PDU Features:

Independently Controllable Outlets The iBoot-PDU series is designed to provide power distribution and remote power control. Each iBoot-PDU allows four or eight outlets to be independently switched on and off for reboot, energy management and security. The iBoot-PDU has many features to make the management of power distribution simple and cost effective:
Dual Power Inputs for Redundant Power Feeds Models with dual inputs (-2N15, -2N20, -2C10, -2C20) have two inlets (mains). Each main feeds four outlets Inlet A supports outlets 1-4 and Inlet B feeds 5-8. Dual power inlet models can be used to support higher current devices, as each inlet can carry its rated load, doubling the amperage of a single inlet device. Dual Inlet models can also be used to source power from two redundant sources, with each source feeding a power supply of a single device. Learn More
Web Browser Control Simple web browser interface is easy to use and provides complete status information and control of the outlets, and groups.
Telnet/Serial CLI Control Telnet and serial access use the same Command Line Interface (CLI) structure and syntax to completely configure the iBoot-PDU, or multiple iBoot-PDUs in a cluster configuration.
Multiple Users Multiple users can be assigned administrator or user only rights, plus access to specific outlets and groups. Users only see the outlets and groups they are assigned to.
Grouping of Outlets for Simultaneous Management Multiple outlets, across multiple iBoot-PDUs in clustered configurations can be linked together in named groups and managed together. This allows for example, power cycling all devices of a certain type together.
Multiple iBoot-PDU Cluster Configuration Additional iBoot-PDUs can be managed from a single unit. One master iBoot-PDU provides the communication to the users and continuously receives status information from the rest of the iBoot-PDUs in the cluster. Groups can be created across multiple PDUs and controlled simultaneously.
Automation The iBoot-PDU can monitor voltage, current and temperature to provide automatic response to the physical environment. AutoPing testing monitors network elements. Program complex sequences of outlet actions and notifications to respond instantly to out of normal situations. Temperature monitoring requires add-on probe.
Real-Time Event Control Set automatic power actions based on your schedule. Restart systems every day to reduce memory bloat. Power up resources only when needed for energy management, lifecycle extension or security.
Landline Modem Option The add-on landline modem supports data calls from terminal devices using the CLI, and direct dial from a tone telephone for simple on/off control when more sophisticated means are not available. Voice modem also allows phone dial tone control with voice response (Basic functions only)
Network Management Setup and Control functions can be linked to any SNMP v2c compatible manager. The iBoot-PDU MIB is downloadable from the website. Reports to syslog server.

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iBoot-PDU Specifications

Height: 1U 1.75 in (4.5 cm)
Width: 8 Outlet Versions: 19.0 in (48.25 cm)
4 Outlet Versions: 11.0 in (27.94 cm)
Depth: 6.00 in (15.25 cm)
Weight: 8 Outlet Versions: 7 lbs (3.25 Kg)
4 Outlet Versions:
Operating: 0 to 65o C
Storage: -10 to 85o C
Relative Humidity 0 to 95% Non-Condensing
Altitude 2000m Operating
AC Input
N15 Models NEMA 5-15 Linecord 115VAC
15 Amps combined total switched per Linecord
Supplied with NEMA 5-15 Linecord, attached
N20 Models NEMA 5-20 Linecord 115VAC
20 Amps combined total switched per Linecord
Supplied with NEMA 5-20 Linecord, attached
C10 Models IEC320 C14 Receptacle 100-240VAC
10 Amps total at 240VAC Max per Linecord
Supplied with IEC320 C13 to CEE7 (SHUCO) Linecord
C20 Models IEC320 C20 Receptacle 100-240VAC
20 Amps total at 240VAC Max per Linecord
Supplied with IEC320 C19 to CEE7 (SHUCO) Linecord
Network 10/100 Ethernet
Web, Telnet, SNMP, SMTP
Port Assignable for Web and Telnet.
SSL Security on Web control
USB Ports 4 x USB A ports for accessories, modem, temperature probe, etc.

1 x USB B port for serial port and external battery

Temperature Module Option USB Dual Temperature Sensors. Sensor 2 on 1m cable.
Landline Modem Option 56Kbps V.92 Global Compliance, Data or Tone Dial (DTMF) control
Switched Outlet
N15 Models 8 x NEMA 5-15 Receptacle,
12 Amps Max per Receptacle, 15 Amps Max Total per Linecord
N20 Models 8 x NEMA 5-15 Receptacle,
12 Amps Max per Receptacle, 20 Amps Max Total per Linecord
C10 Models 8 x IEC 320-C13
10 Amps Max per Receptacle, 10 Amps Max Total per Linecord
C20 Models 8 x IEC320-C13
10 Amps Max per Receptacle, 20 Amps Max Total per Linecord
Compliance UL/cUL Listed 60950-1, 2nd Edition 2014-10-14 (US)
CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1-07, 2nd Edition, 2014-10 (Canada)CE Marked
RoHS2 Directive 2011/65/EU Compliant / WEEE Compliant
ANSI C63.4:2014 & 47 CFR Part 15, Subpart B, Class B
ICES-003:2016 Issue 6, Class BFCC Part 15 Class B

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