iBoot-WiFi Wireless Remote Reboot

Remote Reboot over WiFi

Model iBoot-WiFi allow you to put remote reboot wherever you need it. No need to add an Ethernet port or cable run to get this web power switch up and running fast.

iBoot-WiFi. Wirweless Web Power Switch

Pays for itself with the first service call saved

Don’t get in the car just to push that big red button. iBoot can automatically restart crashed systems or put the power of remote reboot in your hands, wherever you are.

How Much Can You Save?

Discover your true Cost of Downtime and how fast your ROI on iBoot will be


iBoot-G2 Screenshot: Power Status and AutoPing

iBoot-WiFi Status with AutoPing Enabled

Clean web page design makes it easy to see the status and control power to any outlet. History log shows the last 5 events. If AutoPing or Heartbeat are enables, their status is displayed as well.

iBoot-G2 Screenshot: Setup Scheduled Events

WiFi Setup

Selecting your wireless network is easy. Use the built-in Micro Access Point or WPS capabilities to quickly get up an running.

iBoot Screenshot. Moble Pages for remote power control

Mobile Pages

Take power control with you wherever you travel. iBoot Automatically detects mobile browsers and provides reduced clutter for easy one thumb access.

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iBoot-WiFi Features

Web Browser Power Control
Clean Web page design for immediate status and power control. Auto detects mobile browsers. No special software required. Learn More
Automatic System Restoral
AutoPing and Heartbeat detect network or equipment outage and takes immediate action to restore your network or device. Real time scheduling to have a fresh reboot each morning or minimize power waste at night. Learn More
Cloud Control
Manage all your iBoots from a single sign-on. Control power worldwide from any web browser, anytime anywhere. Learn More
Micro Access Point
Secure local control and configuration
WPS Setup

Easy setup with supported routers.

UL Listed
We take your safety seriously. Be confident to pass fire marshal and OSHA inspections. Learn More
Management Utility
Easy Setup, Firmware upgrades and Reset to Factory Default
Easy Software Integration
Protocol, API and Sample Software and Scripts provided.
Plug In Style
Compact Form Factor. No Additional Cables for Power
12 Amp Switching
Current for most Servers, Routers, Kiosks, etc.

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Height 1.42” (36.07mm) Width 2.63” (66.80mm) Depth 3.90” (99.06mm) Weight 4.8 Oz (136.01 G) MTBF TBD Temperature 0 – 60 Deg C (32 – 140 Deg F)
AC Power
Input NEMA 5-15 Plug Voltage Range Auto Sensing 105-125 VAC Switched Receptacle NEMA 5-15 Outlet Switching Capacity 12 A Max at 105-125 VAC
UL 60950-1, 1st Edition, 2007-10-31 CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1-03, 1st Edition, 2006-07 Pending: FCC Part 15 / IECS 0003 Class B Device IECS RSS-201 ROHS WEEE
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n WPA-2 Security using AED/CCMP WPS 2.0 Setup Client IP Addressed, DHCP assigned or Static Internal HTTP Web Server Forms Processing Browser required Telnet Server / Command Line Interface

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