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Making Every Network More Reliable

iBoot® Web Power Switch

Pays for itself with
the first service call saved!


Why waste time and money racing around to do no more than push that big red button. With iBoot®, you can control power and get automatic reboot ANYTIME - ANYWHERE.

Don't let a crashed system ruin your day. Save Time, Money and Reputation with iBoot®


Introductory Video

iBoot<sup><span style='font-size: 60%;'>®</span></sup> Introduction Video 

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Remote Power Control Features

Web Setup and Control
Yes Yes Yes Yes
iBoot Cloud Service Compatible
Yes Yes Yes Yes
URL/TCP Power Control
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Telnet Setup and Control
Yes Yes Yes Yes
USB Serial Port  Control Power
Yes Yes  

Additional Control Features

Real Time Event Scheduling
Yes Yes Yes Yes
(No. of IP Addresses)
2 4 4 2
Shutdown / Restart
  Yes Yes  
Heartbeat Auto Reboot
  Yes Yes  
Expandible to 3 Outlets
  Yes Yes  
Additional I/O Control
  Yes Yes  

Hardware Features

Built in 2 Port 10/100
Network Switch
Voltage Range
105-240 VAC 105-240 VAC 105-240 VAC 5-48 VDC
Maximum Current Switched
12A 12A 12A 5A to 30 VDC
2A > 30 VDC
UL Listed
Yes Yes Yes DC Version

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Live Demo of Dataprobe iBoot and iBootBar Remote Power Control