Redundancy Switching for IT Systems

Don't let downtime ruin your service level agreements

Don’t let downtime ruin your service level agreements

For enterprises relying on servers and data centers to serve customers and keep their businesses running, downtime is not an option.  Whether you experience a power outage, natual disaster or network issues, Dataprobe’s protection switches allow you to immediately switch from failing systems to backups so you never miss a beat.

Immediate Network Protection, From Wherever You Are

With custom, flexible switching options and automated detection, alert and response functions, Dataprobe switching products give you the power to immediately switch over to standby servers or communication lines.

Our switches can be manually or automatically operated, and can be managed remotely by web, Telnet or SNMP so you can deploy backup systems from anywhere you can access a web browser.

With Dataprobe protection switches, you can ensure business continuity and prevent network problems from turning into disasters.