Keeping your network up and running is our number one priority

Whether you're operating a hundred ticket kiosks in an airport or a few servers at your small business, downtime costs money. It can result in lost advertising, frustrated customers, lost transactions, missed opportunities and idle personnel.

What if you could eliminate lengthy downtime and costly service calls? What if you could bring your device back up as soon as it goes down - even before you know there's an issue - with just the click of a mouse? The iBoot® line of power controllers makes that possible.

Single Outlet Power Control

iBoot : Single outlet networked power controller for remote reboot, energy management and security.

Switched PDUs

iBoot-PDU: 4 and 8 outlet power managers. Advanced automation & cloud control.

Serial iBootBar
RS-232 serial command control

Serial iBootBar : RS-232 serial command control and contact closure General Purpose IO (GIPO) control in a single, eight-outlet unit.

12-Amp power switch

iBoot Io : 12-Amp power switch that integrates remote power control into contact closure or General Purpose IO (GPIO)-based systems.

Recovery is a Click Away

Device failure may be impossible to prevent, but the vast majority of outages can be fixed with a simple reboot. iBoot®, a web-addressable remote power controller, enables you to reboot remotely, so you can restore a downed device from anywhere you can access a web browser. Why spend money on an IT visit or drive all the way downtown just to flip a little red switch, when iBoot® can do it for you?

With iBoot®, you no longer have to waste time or money going onsite to reboot downed equipment. iBoot® is easy to set up, easy to use, and is perfect for remotely rebooting servers, kiosks, ATMs, digital signage, workstations, servers and any other machines on a distributed network.

Automatic Recovery

Don’t let network failure keep you from accessing the Internet. iBoot® automatically detects network lockups and immediately reboots your cable modem or router to get you back up even before you know your network is down. A built in scheduler function enables you to automatically reboot every morning for a fresh start on your server.

ROI on the First Use

Downtime is costly. iBoot® reduces tech support calls and gets your devices back up and running quickly. It can also automatically power devices up and down when you need them, saving energy costs and cutting wear and tear. Don’t risk your bottom line when you can simply set iBoot® to the clock and calendar, or reboot at the click of a button.

For under $200 per remote controlled device, iBoot® pays for itself on the first saved service call.

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