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RSS-16 Component Configuration

RSS-3 Component Configuration

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RSS 20 Slot 4U Chassis

RSS-16 (1150101)

RSS-16 Chassis.  Redundnacy Switching System for Gang and Remote Control A/B Switches

RSS-16 Chassis provides safe and secure rack mounting for multi-circuit gang and independent A/B switching systems. It provides bays for dual redundant power supplies (A/C or D/C) dual redundant control cards and up to 16 A/B switch cards.

With the RSS-16 chassis, you can create independent or gang switching systems for an unlimited number of circuits.

Physical Width: 19" Nominal for EIA rack mount
Height: 7" (4U)
Depth: 8"
Weight: 12.5 lbs.
Slots Power: 2
Control: 2
A/B Switch: 16
Indicators Dual Power Status LED indicators.
Visual access for A/B card status LED indicators
Switches Gang Switch pushbutton with accidental actuation protection.
Access to A/B card manual toggle switches