iBootBar Tips and Tricks #3 of 3 User Rights

Tip #5:User Rights Management

Up to 15 users can be identified, each with specific rights to one or more outlets, as well as administrator rights for programming the system. User rights can span multiple units, so that one user can command a specific outlet in each of several data cabinets. Users only see the outlets they have rights to. User rights function the same for both web browser control and the Telnet or serial command line interface.

User Rights Management

Tip #6: Batch File Control

The iBootBar support SNMP, so with the use of a small program to act as a middleman, outlets can be controlled by command line. This means you can wrirte a bath file

The program and instructions are available from the support section for the iBootBar as well as from the link below.


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Need Less than 8 Outlets?

With the iBoot-G2+ and iBoot-G2S versions you can add two expansion units to get three independently controlled outlets.

Order low cost expansion units with an iBoot from the iBoot product page

iBoot-G2+ With Expansion

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