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Tip #1: Watch The Getting Started Video

This video walks you through the setup and initial configuration of the iBoot-G2 and iBoot-G2+. Its the easiest way to get your iBoot up and running.

iBoot: Getting Started Inst

Tip #2: Download the Setup Utility

If you haven't already configured your iBoot, download the Device Management Utility (DMU) from the iBoot Support Center. It provides the quickest and easiest way to get your iBoot (G2 or G2+) up and running fast. With the DMU you can:
  • Set the IP address of any iBoot attached to your local network.
  • Find all the iBoots on your network, regardless of IP Address
  • Reset Forgotten Passwords and Factory Defaults
DMU Screenshot

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Need to Mount your iBoot?
Dataprobe's iBoot Mounting Kit is an easy way to attach your unit to a backboard, cabinet or other surface. It also provides DIN rail clips for industrial applications. Get yours today at the iBoot Web Page

iBoot Mounting Kit
iBoot Mounting Kit

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