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iBoot Tips and Tricks #2 of 3 Advanced Setup

Tip #3: Use iBoot Cloud Service

Dataprobe's iBoot Cloud Service (iBCS) allows you to access all your iBoot's from one convenient portal. Now you don't need to be concerned with Dynamic DNS, Port Forwarding, or multiple login credentials. Just point your browser to iBoot.co and you can see every iBoot in your network and control the power from anywhere at any time.

iBoot Cloud Service Diagram

The system is now available to all iBoot users. Firmware version 1.2 or greater is required to access the cloud service . If you don't have that, you can get it at the iBoot-G2 or iBoot-G2+ support pages. There is also an iBoot Cloud Service Setup Guide that can aide in getting your iBoot onto the Cloud Service.

Watch the iBoot Cloud Service Intro Video

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Need More Outlets?
Dataprobe's iBoot-PDU is an 8 outlet power strip that you can manage over the network. Supports Telnet and SNMP as well as Web

It monitors current draw and can alert you to over- and under- conditions. Combine network and dial-up management to always be in control. iBoot-PDU Web Page

iBoot Mounting Kit
iBoot-PDU: Switched, Managed, Automated

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