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iBoot Tips and Tricks #3 of 3 Automatic Operation

Tip #4: Use AutoPing to Test Network

The Auto-Ping feature allows iBoot to automatically detect failed equipment and perform a timed reboot or other power control function (like turning on an indicator or siren). You set any IP address to be periodically Ping'ed. When iBoot no longer detects a response from that address, the programmed power control function is actuated. Power Control can be Power-Up, Power-Down or Timed Reboot (either once or repeatedly until the ping response resumes). With Auto-Ping you can:
  • Detect failed cable modem/router and Auto Reboot
  • Auto reboot your server when it crashes
  • Turn on an alert with something goes wrong
AutoPing Service Verification

Read more about Auto-Ping: Click Here

Tip #5: Use Schedule for Periodic Reboot

Schedule up to eight periodic tasks by Day, Hour or Minutes. Repeat the event as often as necessary and program the power action to take. With the scheduler you can:
  • Reboot your system every morning to keep it in tip-top condition
  • Keep systems powered down when not needed to save energy
  • Power down sensitive systems to minimize hacker exposure
iBoot-G2 Set Schedule Screenshot
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Need More Outlets?
With the iBoot-G2+ version you can add two expansion units to get three independently controlled outlets.

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iBoot-G2+ With Expansion

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