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iPIO Tips and Tricks #1 of 3 Advanced Setup

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Thank you for putting your trust in Dataprobe to help you manage your network and minimize downtime. We are dedicated to helping you get the most value possible from your purchase. If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Tip #1: Download the Setup Utility

If you haven't already configured your iBoot, download the Device Management Utility (DMU) from the iBoot Support Center. It provides the quickest and easiest way to get your iBoot (G2 or G2+) up and running fast. With the DMU you can:
  • Set the IP address of any iBoot attached to your local network.
  • Find all the iBoots on your network, regardless of IP Address
  • Reset Forgotten Passwords and Factory Defaults
DMU Screenshot

Tip #2: Quick Pairing of iPIO Units

If you purchased two units to use in pairs and communicate with one another, please note the following helpful tips:
  • Set one unit up at a time. If you install both units on the same local network, make sure to set-up one unit with an IP address, then another. That way you don't run into address conflicts with factory default units.

  • Once both units are set-up, configure one unit as a remote of the other. Open the browser of the unit that will use the Inputs, and click on Setup, then Remotes, then New Remote. Enter the IP Address and name of the new remote. Click Save to complete the setup.

  • Advanced options for remote setup include security and channel assignment and configuration. These will be covered in the next Tips email. Look for it.
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Need to Mount your iPIO?
Dataprobe's Mounting Kit is an easy way to attach your unit to a backboard, cabinet or other surface. It also provides DIN rail clips for industrial applications. Get yours today. Here

Mounting Kit
Mounting Kit

Need Bigger Relays?

The relay outputs of allthe iPIO are designed for small loads (0.5A @ 120VAC or 1A @ 24VDC). If larger current capacity is required, add the ELK-912-2 relay board to support 7A @ 30VDC 10A @125VAC.


The ELK-912 will require 12 VDC to power it.

ELK-912 install with iPIO

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