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iPIO Tips and Tricks #3 of 3 Advanced Control

Tip #5: Programmatic Control

Using Dataprobe's DxP Protocol, it is very easy to write scripts to control the outputs of the iPIO, or read the inputs. Dataprobe publishes the protocol information and provides code examples in a variety of languages. Download the protocol and examples at http://dataprobe.com/support_ipio.html

Dataprobe also provides a compiled .exe file for Windows that makes it easy to operate the iPIO. With dxp.exe, you can create batch files to control one or more relays from any number of units. Download dpx.exe at http://dataprobe.com/support_ipio.html

Typical Batch File with DxP control. This closes all 8 relays:

@echo off
dxp -a192.168.1.232 -t3 -s0 -c1 -uadmin -padmin
dxp -a192.168.1.232 -t3 -s0 -c2 -uadmin -padmin
dxp -a192.168.1.232 -t3 -s0 -c3 -uadmin -padmin
dxp -a192.168.1.232 -t3 -s0 -c4 -uadmin -padmin
dxp -a192.168.1.232 -t3 -s0 -c5 -uadmin -padmin
dxp -a192.168.1.232 -t3 -s0 -c6 -uadmin -padmin
dxp -a192.168.1.232 -t3 -s0 -c7 -uadmin -padmin
dxp -a192.168.1.232 -t3 -s0 -c8 -uadmin -padmin

ip = sys.argv[1]
ch = int(sys.argv[2])
st = int(sys.argv[3])
uid = 'u'
pas = 'p'
s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
port = 9100
s.connect((ip, port))
seq = s.recv(2)
value = struct.unpack("
seq1 = value[0]+1 # add 1 to it and turn it back to two bytes
seq1a = struct.pack("
ack = s.recv(1)
if ack == '\x00':
print 'OK'
print 'ERROR'
# close the socket, we're done.

Tip #5: SNMP Managable

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). is an industry standard way to monitor and manage devices on an IP network.

With SNMP support, the IPIO can be integrated into sophisticated networks and the management software can receive status updates, control relays and set parameters on the iPIO.

The iPIO is SNMP v2c Manageable. It can send traps for each input closure to alert you to any event. Outputs and all setup variables can be controlled with Set commands.


Set up to 4 SNMP managers to receive Trap information. Each status change of the inputs or outputs, as well as any communications status changes between local and remote iPIOs are reported as traps.

Download the MIB for the iPIO Here.

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