Telecom Redundancy Switching

Minimize costly downtime with Dataprobe

Minimize costly downtime with Dataprobe

When telecommunications play a key role in your business, you can’t afford any downtime.  With Dataprobe’s switching products, you can gain immediate access to your backup systems and ensure your business stays online.

If you’re a call center technology provider, we can also partner with you to incorporate redundancy switching and automatic failover into your products.  Through this model you can provide the high level of availability your customers demand, end users can achieve maximum uptime for their mission critical infrastructures, and call center operators can stay productive.

Automatic Switching for Maximum Uptime

Dataprobe’s protection switches provide reliable, custom and flexible switching capabilities, so you can manage your telecom network remotely.  Our switches can monitor lines, detect issues and automatically switch to backup lines or equipment when you need them.  The system continuously monitors both active and standby servers for availability, switching when preset thesholds are met.

Dataprobe switching products are ideal for:

  • Call Centers
  • Voice server vendors
  • Enterprise companies