Redundancy Switching for Air Traffic Control

When you’re managing airport air-to-ground voice communications, network uptime is critical. All air traffic, from civilian

to commercial and military flights, relies on air-to-ground communications to keep planes in the air and passengers safe. With Dataprobe’s switching products, you can protect your network and make sure you stay up and running no mater.

Dataprobe switches play a key role in protecting the telecommunications networks of more than 5,000 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) facilities nationwide. We work closely with Harris Corporation, the prime telecom contractor for the FAA, to integrate custom circuit protection switches to protect critical FAA air control communications, ensuring pilots never lose contact with their controllers on the ground.

Keeping Planes in the Air

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Dataprobe’s switching solutions are at the core of airport communication infrastructures. With reliable, custom and flexible switching capabilities, our redundancy switching products enable you to manage your critical network remotely, automatically detect issues and switch to backup systems immediately.

Network Switching You Can Rely On

Dataprobe circuit protection switches can toggle communications between redundant voice switches or lines, allowing constant voice and data traffic. Our switching products are ideal for air traffic control and other aviation networks where communications are critical and downtime can’t be tolerated.

Our veteran engineers work closely with your transportation system specialists to customize and integrate protection switches into your system, and ensure your network is protected.