Digital Signage Management with iBoot®

Don't let downtime effect your public image.

Don’t let downtime effect your public image.

If you’re in the digital signage business, you know that uptime is critical to maintaining service level agreements and keeping your customers happy.  Whether you’re managing an array of digital advertisements, video wall displays or large-format LCD’s, every minute of downtime is costly.  When your digital signs go dark, the iBoot line of power controllers saves you time, stress and money by giving you the ability to bring them back online remotely.

Remote Control from Across the Building, or Across Town

When digital signs go down, the route to recovery is often a reboot – and the faster you can respond, the sooner your message will reach its audience.  With automatic failure detection, automatic restoral and user managed power switching, iBoot lets you bring crashed systems back to life – whether they’re all in one building or spread across town – without ever setting foot onsite.

With iBoot web-based remote power control, you can reduce costly service calls and generate maximum revenue.  iBoot can also save on power consumption and extend the life of digital displays by automatically shutting power down at scheduled off-duty hours.

The iBoot line of remote power controllers is ideal for:

  • Traffic Notification
  • Airports and Train Stations
  • Digital Signage Advertising
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Networks
  • Outdoor Signage

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