Enterprise Network Management with iBoot®

Don't let downtime ruin your service level agreements

Don’t let downtime ruin your service level agreements

If you’re managing an enterprise network or remote client sites, you know that uptime is critical.  When servers, routers or other devices crash, don’t waste time and money by going onsite to reboot.  The iBoot line of power controllers lets you automatically reboot on a scheduled basis, or bring your system back online when it crashes.  With iBoot, you can keep your network running smoothly, your users happy and your life uninterrupted.

Cost-Effective Remote Management

Rebooting is the first line of defense in managing downtime.  iBoot eliminates expensive service calls and after-hours emergencies by enabling you to reboot remotely, from a central data center, from home, or from any phone or web browser in the world.  iBoot can even safeguard network reliability automatically by detecting internet failure and rebooting before an outage is even noticed.

When over 70% of service calls can be eliminated by a remote reboot, iBoot pays for itself on the first use.

Options for Every Network Manager

SNMP manageability brings iBoot power switches under control of Network Operations Centers, and a wide range of access options – via web, telnet, phone, modem, serial, and GPIO – ensures you’ll always be able to reboot without dispatching technicians.

A wide range of models, managing from one to 1,000 outlets, ensures the right fit for any office, industrial, security, telecom, or energy applications.  As a UL Listed device, iBoot assures compliance and safety.

The iBoot line of remote power controllers is ideal for:

  • Branch Office Networks
  • Satellite Terminals
  • Pumping Stations
  • Broadcast and Radio Transmissions

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