Redundancy Switching for Government Institutions

From school systems to prison systems, if your IT or telecom network goes down, it can have disruptive or even disastrous consequences. With Dataprobe’s protection switches, your backup system is just a click away and you can ensure your network is protected.

Maximum Uptime of Critical Networks

Dataprobe’s protection switches let you quickly and easily switch between redundant lines or equipment so you can ensure maximum network uptime. With automatic failure detection and fail-soft operation that ensures the switches are always available – even when the power goes out – our switches fulfill the most stringent government requirements for network availability.

Keep your critical security and safety applications up and running

Flexible Operation

Our switches can be manually or automatically operated, and can be managed remotely by web, Telnet or SNMP so even lean IT teams can ensure high availablility of critical applications and communications across dispersed, multisite networks.

Dataprobe switching products include UL and CE certification. Our protection switches are ideal for: