8 Outlet Managed PDU for DC Systems

8 Outlet Managed PDU for DC Systems

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If you manage a network with hundreds or thousands of sites, every second of downtime costs you serious amounts of dollars. Our solutions are optimized to help you deploy and manage large scale installations around the world and keep them running with minimal downtime.


iBB-DC8 is a managed PDU for 9 – 36 VDC that is web-accessible for eight independently controlled outlets, enables multiple users to reboot remotely from anywhere, using any web browser, Telnet client or SNMP manager.


Simple Web Control

Clean web page design makes it easy to see the status and control power to any outlet. History log shows the last 5 events. Adaptive mobile pages make it easy to make that quick reboot from you smartphone while on the go.

10/100 Switch

Get the reboot you need without an unnecessary cable run to the wiring closet. With Model iBoot-G2S, the built-in 10/100 switch makes it easy to add the power of iBoot to your existing installation. Perfect for digial signage, kiosks and telemetry systems in those hard to reach areas. Putting the iBoot in-line between the router and the server makes it easy to test both and reboot automatically.

Free cloud service

iBoot Cloud Service (iBCS) allows customers with iBoot to access and control multiple iBoots in multiple locations from a single portal with a single sign-on.

Automatic Reboot

iBoot automatically monitors and protects your network. AutoPing continuously tests your connectivity to the internet or to any device on your network. When the network is down, or the device stops functioning, iBoot reboots the failed system to get you back on-line fast.

Expansion Outlets

iBoot-G2S and iBoot-G2+ are expandable with low cost satellite units to provide independent control of up to three outlets, with separate AutoPing monitoring as needed. If not used with the expansion units, the ports on the iBoot-G2S can be used as General Purpose I/O or as manual override control for the power outlets.

UL Listed for Safety

Dataprobe Remote Reboot products are UL Listed. This means they are tested by Underwriters Labratories and Certified to meet their exacting standards. It also means that the tests conducted are appropriate for the type of device under test. Only devices that are tested and pass all the tests conducted by UL can apply the UL label.

Pays for itself
with the first

Don’t get in the car just to push that big red button. iBoot can automatically restart crashed systems or put the power of remote reboot in your hands, wherever you are.

How Much Can You Save?

Discover your true Cost of Downtime and how fast your ROI on iBoot will be.

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Features of 8 Outlet Managed PDU for DC Systems

Network, Serial Out-of-Band and Phone Access

Get in-band and out-of Band control of your power for reboot anywhere anytime

Multiple Control Options

Web, Telnet, SNMP, Internal Modem with both data and touch tone power control

Multi-User Assignable Rights

Each user only sees and controls assigned outlets.

Automatic Reboot Operation / AutoPing

AutoPing monitors network devices and auto reboots whenever trouble occurs. 16 AutoPings per unit can be assigned to any outlet

Group and Stagger

Combine any outlets into logical groups and power up devices in sequence to reduce power surges.

Expansion Port

128-Outlet Management with One IP Address and Web Page

Setup and Control Utility

Save, clone and manage multiple configurations; make deployment of similar units a snap.

SSL Certificate Utility

Create and deploy SSL Certificates. Self Signed or Root Authority Certificates.

Direct TCP Messaging

Integrate iBB-DC8 into your OEM application with direct TCP messaging protocol. Compatibility Mode for original iBB-N15 series products. (Requires firmware update to iBB-DC8 Precision) Get Precision Firmware