iBoot G2: Keeping Airline Kiosks Up and Running

Airport Flight Check-InAirports and carriers are continually seeking new ways to improve efficiency with self-serve kiosks while lessening the touchpoints that can possibly transmit disease.

The COVID situation has presented the challenge of multiple users touching the same screens continually throughout the day. Trying to wipe down and clean the machines between each use is hardly practical, so new touchless kiosks are being designed and manufactured for printing tags and checking bags that will be COVID-friendly by eliminating the need to touch the screen.

By integrating the kiosk with an airline’s mobile app, the process will be made smoother and more user-friendly, allowing passengers to print bag tags without touching the machine–only their phones.

Dataprobe’s iBoot G2 network power switch is an essential behind-the-scenes component in these applications, providing the capability to keep kiosks up and running with a remote reboot when required. Rebooting remotely also lessens human interaction, sparing the need for a technician to come out and flip the switch “in person.” As this new technology is further developed, there’s always the possibility of coming across a glitch now and then—but the Dataprobe iBoot G2 web-based power switch is on the job to individually reboot each kiosk from anywhere in the world.

The functionality of Dataprobe’s IBoot G2 remote reboot power switch may very well elevate your next pre-flight experience!


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