Revision History – iPIO-8

These revisions refer to iPIO-8 model number 1340070

Some older iPIO-8 units require an upgrade to two files instead of one.
This means the standard upgrade method and DMU utility will
not upgrade those units successfully.

  • There is an alternative upgrade method using FTP to upgrade both files.
    The FTP method will work even if only one file was necessary. (upgrade any unit)
    The files necessary for upgrade as well as the pdf upgrade manual can be downloaded here:
    Click Here to download 1.23.107 FTP files

The DMU program has other functions and is still available here:
Click Here to download DMU v1.10.11.14

The standard iPIO-8 manual available here:Click Here to download
1.23.107 (Nov 2013) This version address the following issues:

  • Occasionally, after making changes to the product configuration the product can become unresponsive if rebooted before the change is completed.

Download ipio8_v1.23.107.ipu [ 1.14 MB ] here: Click Here
1.21.105 (Dec 2011) This version address the following issues:

  • Corrected e-mail sending issue that existed with some e-mail servers.

Download ipio8_v1.21.105.ipu [ 1.10 MB ] here: Click Here
1.20.104 (Jun 2011) This version added the following features:

  • Webpage status updated automatically via XML
  • Programmable automatic update time
  • Programmable automatic update on connection restore
  • SNMP control and traps (mib available)
  • E-mail capabilities
  • Programmable time to pulse a relay
  • More options for input change actions
  • Improved network connectivity
  • Improved security for interdevice protocol. (DxP)

Download ipio8_v1.20.104.ipu [ 1 ] here: Click Here
1.10.63 (Aug 2009)

  • This was the initial release:

Download ipio8_v1.10.63.ipu [ 965 Kb ] here: Click Here