Kiosk Remote Management with iBoot®

Keep your Kiosks Working and Customers Happy

Keep your Kiosks Working and Customers Happy

From airport check-in to supermarket checkout, kiosks that let your customers serve themselves can make your business more cost-efficient – but only if they stay up and running.  When kiosks freeze or crash, every minute of downtime hurts your business.  With the iBoot line of power controllers, you can make sure your self-service systems are running, and generating revenue for you.

Cost-Effective Remote Management

iBoot lets you quickly and easily resolve the vast majority of kiosk problems: those that a simple reboot will fix.  With automatic failure detection, automatic recovery and remote reboot via web browser, iBoot enables you to bring crashed systems back to life from the office, at home or even while on the road.

iBoot gives you web access to a whole floor, facility or client’s network of kiosks, so a small IT staff can be everywhere at once, minimizing the cost and delay of downtime and site visits.  iBoot also can save on power consumption by automatically shutting down kiosks at scheduled off-duty hours.

The iBoot line of remote power controllers is ideal for:

  • ATM Machines
  • Ticket Dispensing
  • Vending Systems
  • Information Kiosks
  • Internet Access Terminals

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