Small Business and Home Network Management with iBoot®

Your Small or Home Business can not afford downime

Your Small or Home Business can not afford downime

Whether you run a small business, work out of your home or just need to make sure your Internet is there for you, don’t take chances with your modem or router.  When power or provider glitches knock out Internet, VoIP or cable phone access, every minute of downtime causes stress and costs you productivity, or the online game you were trying so hard to win.

With iBoot, you can stop scrambling to find boxes, unplug cords and cycle power through your modem every time your system crashes – iBoot will do it for you.

Automatic Reboot and Recovery

iBoot helps you quickly and easily fix the vast majority of modem and router issues by enabling you to reboot automatically and remotely.  With automatic failure detection and recovery, iBoot can get your computers and phones up and running before you even call your provider.

The iBoot line of remote power controllers is ideal for:

  • Day Trading
  • Telecommuting
  • Online Gaming
  • Home-based Web Sites

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