Telecom Redundancy Switching

When telecommunications play a key role in your business, you can usually afford very little downtime before you start losing revenue, missing opportunities and disappoint your customers.

This scales with the size of your company. A small business will probably not incur that many losses over a temporary power outage or network failure.

However, a large office building will face incredible disruption if they lost Internet for an hour. Even a 5-minute electricity cut will cause hundreds of computers and devices to go offline, potentially losing data and taking 5 to 30 minutes or more for an employee to get back to what they were doing. We won't even comment on the productivity loss, which is certainly substantial, but highly individual.

And what about if you're running a customer-facing business like a call center or a cloud-based SaaS company? Any amount power or network failure will cause significant losses and dozens of unhappy customers.

If power reliability and network connectivity are a critical part of your business, you need to plan for failures and establish redundancies in order to guarantee your operations can continue.

Minimize costly downtime with Dataprobe

Dataprobe switching products are ideal for:

Network redundancy

Network redundancy is a science in it's own, but there two critical concepts you need to be aware of:

A) Do you have redundancy? Are there backup devices like servers, switches and routers to takeover if the primary components fail for whatever reason?
Hardware redundancy systems can be as complex and expensive as you can imagine, to the extent of having a whole secondary system of backup devices that mirrors the primary one and is on standby 100% of the time, in case anything happens.

B) Do you have resiliency? Are there single points in your system where a failure will cause the whole network to do down.

For example, you can have a backup data cable into your building, that's laid directly next to your primary one. In this case, you can redundancy, but not resiliency. An excavator comes in to do whatever ground work and with one swoop of the shovel cut both your primary and your backup connections.

In order to make your system resilient, that backup cable should follow a different path away from the primary one and if possible enter the building from a different side.

Finally, there is power management. All of these devices and networks of devices are powered by electricity. Power outages, surges and other fluctuations in frequency can render devices inoperable without a physical reboot.

You can plug and unplug the power cord of your home computer, but what about hundreds of computers, servers and network equipment in a data center? Furthermore, backup and redundancy systems frequently require devices to switch on or off, cycle power and reboot.

With Dataprobe’s remotely operated power switching products, you can gain immediate access to the power supply of individual devices or entire networks of devices and ensure your business stays online with minimum downtime and disruption.

If you’re a call center technology provider, we can also partner with you to incorporate redundancy switching and automatic failover into your products. Through this model you can provide the high level of availability your customers demand, end users can achieve maximum uptime for their mission critical infrastructures, and call center operators can stay productive.

We can tailor custom power management solutions to fit your exact needs. Minimize downtime and cut down costs with Dataprobe!

Automatic Switching for Maximum Uptime

Dataprobe’s protection switches provide reliable, custom and flexible switching capabilities, so you can manage your telecom network remotely.

Our power switches can be accessed remotely from anywhere, on any device. System administrators can manage power to their devices without leaving their seats, quickly bringing systems online, switching to backup devices and rebooting without any manual interaction.

In addition, our products can be configured to monitor lines, detect issues and automatically switch to backup lines or equipment when you need them. The system continuously monitors both active and standby servers for availability, switching when preset thresholds are met, ensuring your business operations continue and critical services are maintained.