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With all the news lately about the effects of captivity on orcas, it is clear that the hope for these majestic predators lies with a better understanding of their natural habits and habitat.  Thanks to the good work of the OrcaLab and the Pacific Orca Society, this important research is carried out.

OrcaLab studies and protects these majestic creatures.

Since 1970 OrcaLab has been using audio and visual technology to study the orcas in the ‘Inside Passage’ near Vancouver BC.  OrcaLab’s work also includes vital conservation issues – preservation of orca habitat; release and rehabilitation of captive cetaceans, especially Corky; and bringing to an end the dismal era of commercial whaling.

With so many remote sensing stations, and live video feeds available at http://www.orca-live.net/ the limited staff can not afford to take time to reset these remote sensors that are subject to the climate of the Pacific Northwest.  Fortunately iBoot helps them reset their equipment without having to leave the lab.  Paul Spong, the founder of OrcaLab writes;

Last year, we were delighted to discover your iBoot devices, which have given us the ability to control camera power switching.  This has already proven hugely useful.  At present, we have a camera set up at our Lab that turns on at 9am PDT each day and off at 11am PDT without us even having to think about it.  It’s really fantastic for us to be able to do this, and a real breakthrough, thanks to your iBoot technology.  Power is always a big issue in our remote location on Hanson Island in British Columbia, where we are “off grid”.  Essentially, what your iBoot devices enable us to do is plan to install & control more network cameras, thus learning more about the orcas, and sharing what we learn.

Studying Orcas in the Wild

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