Advantages of Using an iBoot-PDU

Intelligent PDU’s are a device that offers users an edge over more basic types of PDU’s. In addition to providing a power source to your rack, a smart PDU can also provide real-time power monitoring as well as remote control from anywhere in the world via web browser or command line interface.

The iBoot-PDU8-N15 has a simple web browser interface that is easy to use and provides complete status information and control of the outlets, and groups.

The iBoot-PDU series is designed to provide power distribution and remote power control. Each iBoot-PDU allows four or eight outlets to be independently switched on and off for reboot, energy management and security. The iBoot-PDU has many features to make the management of power distribution simple and cost effective. Some of the products top features include…

Control of your power

Being able to access your device from anywhere in the world is crucial to minimize network downtime as much as possible. With an iBoot-PDU, users have the ability to remotely turn on and off power to individual outlets. This ability also allows users to reboot individual servers to help get their operation back up and running with just a few clicks.

Immediate Action via Sequenced Automation

Chaos with your network and the power upholding it can potentially strike at any hour of the day. You will be able to monitor critical parameters and take corrective action immediately with the help of your iBoot-PDU. Build complex notification and reporting for environmental, power and network faults with the sequence setup feature of your PDU. Users have the ability to set trigger points and create sequences of responses to keep your network up and running.

Access to Reliable Free Cloud Service

The iBoot Cloud Service (iBCS) allows users with a product from the iBoot-PDU series to access and control multiple units, in multiple locations from a single portal with a single sign-on. iBCS supports LDAP to allow multiple users to access the same account.

iBCS will not only make using your PDU easier by consolidating all units into one sign-on and interface, it will also enhance the number of situations where iBoot can be deployed. Account Administrators can now uniquely name their account and add users to their iBCS account. This allows multiple users to access the iBCS account using their own unique credentials.


For more information on the iBoot-PDU series, check out the official product page here to learn about the products unique features as well as purchasing and demo opportunities.

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