Dataprobe’s Partner Programme opens our power switching and management technology to your business. Leverage half a century of research and engineering and get ready to use power solutions with proven results in one of the most sensitive industries.

Whether you need a custom solution or want to expand your product line, Dataprobe can make your offering more robust and help you generate significant revenue. You don’t need to invest millions of dollars and years of hard labor to reinvent products that are already validated, certified and out on the market with tremendous positive response from the industry.

Custom Products

All of our product lines are flexible and can be customized to create a solution for your exact needs.

Need a specific power solution for your application, a custom GPIO manager, or a tailored redundancy switch? Perhaps you need a broad integrated enterprise-wide system?

We can deliver. Dataprobe has experience designing custom power management and switching products at any scale for all types of applications.

We can deliver. Dataprobe has experience designing custom power management and switching products at any scale for all types of applications.

Reach out to us with your basic requirements and we’ll get the conversation started. Our engineering team will work with you to plan, build, integrate and provide support through each step of the way as we create products to your exact specifications.

Custom Products


Dataprobe can adapt its power management technology and integrate it into your own product.

We can design and manufacture networked power switches and management products for every type of device. Our state of the art manufacturing and testing equipment allows us to guarantee the precision, reliability and efficiency of our solutions to the highest degree.

Our engineers possess incredible amounts of knowledge and expertise to create effective solutions that cut down the time and cost to develop your product, make it safer and more robust, helping you get to market quicker and offer a competitive advantage to your customers.

Clever uses for Dataprobe products

White Label

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Tap Dataprobe’s rich portfolio of power switching and management products. Leverage our expertise and industry-proven technology and get your product to market tomorrow.

We make it very easy to rebrand our products to keep your own brand identity in front of your customers. We will put your brand name, logo and color on our own devices during manufacturing and allow you to benefit entirely from a streamlined process with minimal input needed on your side.

Our networked power switching and management products already enjoy a healthy interest. They are highly regarded amongst our own clients and we have no doubt yours too. Every Dataprobe product is UL tested and certified, giving you the piece of mind you’re providing the very best, reliable and efficient products to your customers.

We offer:

  • Simple configuration files that add your name, color scheme and logo
  • Easy to customize documentation and packaging
  • Streamlined compliance pass-through or file amendments for UL/FCC/CE
  • Simple support agreements for continuous improvements

Sounds like good business? Contact us today!

White Label