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Dataprobe is a manufacturer of intelligent power switching and management products. Devices like iBoot and iBoot PDU allow you to remotely turn on/off, reboot or cycle power to any device or equipment.

Whether you need to keep a Kiosk online, automate a gate, or keep an entire data center in check and under control, Dataprobe has solutions for your business.

Minimize downtime, save money, time and resources!.

Harness more than 50 years of experience in power management and electrical engineering to help your business perform to its absolute best at minimal cost.

Remote Power Control

single outlet


Single outlet remote power switch, allowing you to control the power supply to any connected device. Reboot, turn on/off or cycle power to your devices, with a couple of clicks on any web browser – even your phone.


Intelligent power distribution unit with 4 or 8 outlets. Bring advanced automation, cloud control and reliable protection to your network. Reboot, turn on/off or cycle power to your devices. Monitor your network status, setup alarms and automate failover switches.

Major project expertise

If you manage a network with hundreds or thousands of sites, every second of downtime costs you serious amounts of dollars. Our solutions are optimized to help you deploy and manage large scale installations around the world and keep them running with minimal downtime.


We Make Large Deployments Easy

At Dataprobe, we know how much work it takes to configure and deploy hundreds or even thousands of locations. We’ve streamlined the process, so you can get your network up and running as quickly as possible.
-Pre-configuration services. Drop-shipped to location.
-Mass configuration tools for self deployment of large quantities
-Bulk packaging to minimize shipping costs
-Barcoding including a spreadsheet index to help with inventory.


User Friendly Cloud Technology

View and manage all your locations from a single portal:
-Our free cloud service makes it easy to view and manage all your devices.
-Integrate into your management platform with RESTful API and other programmers tools.
-Integrate our power management tools into your platform with RESTful API and other programming tools.


Dedicated Support Team

The engineers and technicians on our Enterprise Deployment team will work with you from planning through conformance testing, customization and deployment to make sure your project is a success.
-Pre- and Post-Sale planning.
-Customization for your unique application.
-Dedicated cloud service and OEM options.

Custom Solutions

Dataprobe’s partner program can tailor a custom solution for your power management needs. We can integrate our technology into your products, or simply extend your product line with a rich variety of excellent and widely tested power distribution devices.

Why spend the time, money and resources to develop new technology, when you can put your own brand name and labels on our UL-certified products? We’ve even streamlined our white label process to remove all possible hassle and accelerate integration into your business channels.

Are you ready to make good business? Read more about the benefits of working with Dataprobe below.

Custom Products

All of our product lines can be customized to create a solution for your exact needs. Whether an integrated enterprise-wide system or a product optimized for your specific application, our team will work with you from start to finish to develop a solution that will save you time and money.


Our expert technology and manufacturing teams can design a special solution you can easily integrate into your own system. Our applications engineers can shorten development time, reduce development costs, solve problems quicker and gain you a competitive advantage.

White Label

Leverage our expertise to get your product to market tomorrow. We make it very easy to rebrand our products to keep your own brand identity in front of your customers.


Customer Support Promise: We understand that you view Dataprobe as a key component of your network reliability. We are committed to helping you install and maintain your Dataprobe equipment to your complete satisfaction. When you face an issue, we will respond as expeditiously as possible with a knowledgeable service member with enough experience and training to resolve your situation.



Our live support team is standing by ready to answer all yours questions form (8:30am - 5:30pm ET) (GMT -5)



Email us at sales@dataprobe.com or support@dataprobe.com and someone will respond to you within 48 hours!


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