Another Reason to upgrade your iBoot-G2

In addition to all the other good reasons to keep your iBoot-G2 upgraded, Our latest release 1.10.59 has a secret control method that we are sharing with our blog readers first.

The iBoot-G2 can be controlled directly from the web browser with a simple URL command. This allows you to create bookmarks that can turn power on/off or reboot with one (double) click from you desktop!

This technique is in the currently released version of the iBoot-G2 and will appear in the next release of the iBoot-G2+.

This is the syntax for creation of the URL:



  • ipaddress: IP Address of device. Required
  • port: Web port of device. Required if not standard port 80
  • username: User name. Required unless user control without security is on
  • password: Password. Required unless user control without security is on
  • state: State to set. Required 0 = off, 1 = on
  • time: Time of state in seconds. Optional. 1-99 valid.

For an iBoot-G2 with factory default values, The URL would be: to turn the outlet off, and to turn it back on.

If I add the &t=5 to the end of the command, the outlet would change state for only 5 seconds. To reboot your system for 10 seconds would be:

Try it out for yourself by typing the link directly into the address bar of your browser.  Create a bookmark for you browser or shortcut on your desktop for quick power control.

Create Shortcuts for easy power control from your desktop

For those who are not concerned with security, there is an option in password setup that will allow an automatic logon. This means going to the ipaddress for the iBoot will bring you directly to the control page as if you were a user. Clicking on setup will require a password, but controlling the outlet will not. If you enable auto logon, then my sample URL link would look like this to turn on the outlet.

If you don’t already have firmware version 1.10.59  you can get it from our user forum; Click Here.

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