Celebrating 50 Years at Dataprobe

We are proud to announce that Dataprobe is celebrating its 50 Year celebration. We are very thankful to have continued to help our customers eliminate costly downtime and improve network reliability. We have been doing it for fifty years and it is all thanks to our customers. Without our customers, we simply would not be where we are at today.


Hearing all of your success stories and feedback over the years has really helped us improve our products and functionality. Understanding the needs of our customers is important to us in creating a product that is essential in keeping their daily operations up and running. Dataprobe will continue to innovate and meet the demands of each of our customers each and every time.


Dataprobe would like to thank our customers again for creating long-lasting relationships with us, for your helpful feedback and your commitment in choosing Dataprobe as a solution provider. We look forward in continuing to eliminate your costly downtime over the next 50 years. Be on the lookout with what Dataprobe creates over the next half century. Stay Tuned!

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