Dataprobe Obtains Company’s First Patent

Patented iBoot-PoE
Patented iBoot-PoE

Dataprobe Inc. has the pleasure of announcing the issuance of US Patent No. 10404559, the company’s first patent, for the iBoot-PoE, a system for automatically rebooting power over Ethernet device.

iBoot-PoE uses AutoPing, traffic monitor, and heartbeat methodology to automatically detect trouble on the PoE circuit and initiate a reboot to restore service. The iBoot-PoE can also be managed via web browser and Dataprobe’s cloud management platform. The patent covers the iBoot-PoE’s unique ability to detect and restore Power over Ethernet circuits in this manner.

“We are pleased that the US Patent Office recognizes the unique nature of the iBoot-PoE.” said David Weiss, CEO of Dataprobe Inc. Both Weiss and Jeff Schaefer, Chief Technology Officer at Dataporbe Inc. are the credited inventors on the patent which had originally been filed back in the summer of 2015. “With the way the industry is trending, the need for power over Ethernet is only increasing,” said Schaefer, who has been with Dataprobe since 1991.“We are excited for what is to come with our newly acquired patent.”

For over 50 years, Dataprobe has been providing flexible, customizable power and network management solutions for thousands of customers. The iBoot-PoE, equipped with a gigabit ethernet extender/injector, brings all the benefits of automatic and cloud controlled reboot with AutoPing to a customer’s PoE cameras, access points, security systems and all PoE plus devices.

“The iBoot-PoE’s features such as traffic monitoring, heartbeat monitoring, and AutoPing are all incredibly sophisticated. A device with capabilities like these is a game changer for maximizing reliability in these important systems,” said Weiss.

To learn more about the iBoot-PoE, visit this link on the Dataprobe website.

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