New EzSetup Utility Makes Deployment EZ!

Users of the iBoot-PDU, iBoot-G2+ and iBoot-G2S have a new way to save and upload configurations to these products. Now deploying lots of units with similar configurations is a breeze.

The new EZSetup Utility uses the serial port of these devices to upload a text file with configuration details. Just build a file with all the commands you want then point that file to the attached device and click Send. Its that EZ.


iBoot-G2+ and iBoot-G2S Example

EZSetup screenshot iBoot-G2S and iBoot-G2+ Example
Easy configuration for iBoot-G2S and iBoot-G2+

iBoot-PDU Example

EZSetup screenshot iBoot-PDU Example
Easy configuration for iBoot-PDU

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