Finally! The Cloud Migration is Complete

At Dataprobe, we have always dreamed of a single unified cloud that supports all of our iBoot products, so our users have one central location manage their respective iBoot devices. We are happy to announce that on February 28th, that dream became a reality! That’s right. We have completed the process of combining “” and “” to create a single User Interface that supports all devices!


For those who may not be familiar, since the addition of the iBoot-PDU, we have been operating on two different Cloud User Interfaces. As you can imagine, this may have led to a bit of confusion a time or two. Thankfully, those days are behind us and customers who have both iBoot G2’s and iBoot PDU’s can now access them all in one place, to make it easier for you, our valued customer!

The new User Interface also has new, innovative features, including:

  • A modern new look and feel
  • Support for ALL G2 Modes and their distinct features
  • Pagination for faster access

To access the cloud, simply type “” into your browser.

We at Dataprobe are proud of the hard work our team put into this project and hope this serves as another great stride in keeping our customers networks more reliable!

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