Flip the Switch – Stay Connected While You Work Remotely

The word “remote” has sent both positive and negative messages over the past year.

Throughout the pandemic, 

  • Some folks were delighted to work remotely.
  • Others were completely frustrated by remote Zoom meetings and conversations via phone and email.
  • Teachers had to devise a way to teach their students from home remotely.
  • Students lost the social and group-learning elements of the classroom and attended school from their bedroom or kitchen table.

Let’s face it, some people delight in attending meetings in their pajamas, and others yearn for real, live face-time.

The word “remote” gets a mixed bag of reactions when you think about it. Regardless of how you feel about working virtually, it’s critical to have your systems available when you need them. 

Over the past 18 months of the pandemic, Dataprobe saved its clients–and our own team–hundreds of trips into the office to reset equipment and helped companies around the world stay productive during this challenging time. 

Devices like the iBoot and iBoot PDU allow users to remotely turn on/off, reboot, or cycle power to any device or equipment. As we all know, sometimes electronic glitches can easily be repaired by simply flipping the on/off switch. Our iBoot product line can save your company money, downtime, and resources with our reliable, remote restart equipment. 

Whether you need to keep a kiosk online, automate a gate, or keep an entire data center in check and under control, Dataprobe has solutions for your business. As working remotely continues to become more of a social norm, our iBoot and iBoot PDU units will be a vital part of every business’s IT strategy.

With over 50 years of experience in power management and electrical engineering, Dataprobe can help your business perform remotely and worry-free at a minimal cost. What’s more positive than that? Call or connect with us today!

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