iBoot Cloud Service Adds Multi User Outlet Rights

The iBoot Cloud Service has added Multi User Mode and the ability for a Primary Account User to create additional User Accounts to the Primary Account and assign outlet rights to the new User Accounts.

New Features in Version 2.10
• IBCS Account Administrators can assign rights for outlet control
– Control rights assigned to users already existing in the account.
– Control rights rules based on location – all devices and all outlets for location(s)
– Control rights rules based on device – all outlets for device(s)
– Control rights rules based on outlets – all or some of the outlets for device(s)

• Locations, Devices and Outlets without rights will not be seen
– Users without rights to a location will not see the location
– Users without rights to a device will not see the device
– Users without rights to an outlet will not see the outlet

For details check out the cloud service support page here.

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