iBoot Cloud Service – Upgrade Notification

iBoot Cloud Service

Upgrade Notification

Important Maintenance and
Upgrade Schedule

Dataprobe has been working hard on the next generation of cloud managed power and is pleased to announce that a major upgrade will be occurring. This next version on the cloud will offer exciting new features, additional stability and more importantly, a path to even better things in the future.

In this phase, we are migrating to our new servers. This will provide more reliable service and allow for the growth of the  number of devices supported, as well as new services to be offered.

This migration will occur on Thursday, October 4th from 9:00PM to 1:00AM EDT.

As we will be transitioning to a new server, there will be a disruption in service as the new DNS information propagates. This should only take a few hours, but will cause a disruption in access until the new DNS entries reach your ISP.  In isolated regions, it might take up to 48 hours. During that time, there will be no effect on the iBoot units themselves; their automatic operation, or your ability to reach them via their internal web or telnet servers.

If you have any questions, contact support at: (201) 934-5111 or IBCS@dataprobe.com

Thank you for your cooperation.

New and Upgraded Features:

  • Full Access to Setup via Cloud (iBoot-PDU)
  • Updated Design and Interface
  • Added Support for all iBoot Products
  • Supports the Name Variable from the iBoot Status Post
  • And Many More!

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