Kiosks in Health Care are a Game Changer

As the pressure of health care costs continue to be an overriding concern and potential drag on stagnant middle class budgets, the increased use of self service kiosks to provide cost savings continues to be an area we at Dataprobe are watching closely.

From general information and Q&A to sophisticated diagnosis, self directed healthcare engages the consumer and reduces the overhead for the provider. Self service stations have the potential to reach areas and populations that are currently underserved. Providing timely information to direct patients to the proper providers or OTC remedies.

Provider kiosks also have the potential to improve workflow, accuracy and reduce costs.  These tools aid in collaboration across disciplines and reduce errors.

Of course serious privacy and legal concerns must be taken into account, but I personally would rather have my health data electronic and encrypted, rather than on recyclable paper. That’s the idea behind the new self service check-in system installed by Children’s Hospital of Central California. It is estimated to reduce HIPAA violations and has saved in fines that can be up to $50K per incident. Read more.

Here are a few recent news items we have been following of late.

Kiosk educates Staten Island patients about heart health |

Health assessment kiosks could be health care’s missing link |

Are Self-Service Kiosks the Future of Health-Care? | Fox Business

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