New iBoot PDU Firmware 1.13.02182019 Ready to Download!

At Dataprobe, we are pushing ourselves every day to ensure that our products are performing at optimal levels for our customers. The moment we finish a crucial upgrade is the moment we want our customers to have it!

With that being said, we are happy to announce the latest firmware for the iBoot-PDU to help make your network more reliable.

What does the New Firmware Offer You?

Our newest release of the iBoot-PDU offers plenty of fine tuned new features, more control options, increased stability, and most importantly, a path to even better technology in the future.

These new features include:

  • RESTful API retrieve issue resolved
  • RESTful API retrieve names of groups and outlets

Get the firmware, corrected defects, and new manual at the iBoot Support Page.​

We hope this update serves you well as we continue to work at ways to make your network even more reliable.

Thank you again for your business and loyalty!

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