New Logos and Product Branding

Changing logos can be a challenging undertaking for business both large and small.  Big company logos can cause quite a stir when changed.  Our small company logo change may not cause a big public outcry, but it certainly was a significant undertaking for Dataprobe.

Our 1969 Logo
Our 1969 Logo

When our founder, Sy Weiss started Dataprobe in 1969, we focused on test and measurement tools for the telecommunications industry.  Our original logo based on the Boolean NOR operator, was meaningful to the hardware engineers that were our client base of the day.  It served us well for many years, but has lost its impact in illustrating our current value proposition to our current customer population.

2012 Logo
2012 Logo

Our new logo, which we unveiled at the end of last year features a modern color scheme and the ubiquitous Power ON symbol.  We were almost reluctant to use it, as it has been used from everything from software to men’s body spray.  In the end, we agreed that it best represents our core commitment to maximum uptime for our clients and our core power control product line.

New iBoot Logo
New iBoot Logo

Along with the new logo for the company, came matching logos for our core iBoot product family.  These were a refresh of the iBoot logo with the same color scheme as the corporate logo.  It was a fairly big undertaking for our entire production staff to update all the packaging, silk screening, manuals, etc.  We are still working through getting everything updated.


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David Weiss, President

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