Nice to Get Great Feedback

We recently received a letter from one of our customers at the FAA:

…It is a testimony to the excellence of design, and the quality of the work of those involved in the design, that they are still running flawlessly. They are part of the National Airspace System. Nationwide, the NAS equipment has about a 0.07% rate of issues that cause air delays (or so I recently read in a news article). There are over 71,000 pieces of equipment, ranging from radar systems to communication relay stations, so considering the niche that these switches occupy, they have to have a mere fraction of that 0.07% failure rate! They are just awesome, in my personal opinion.

Thank you again. The previous remarks are all my personal opinion and not an official FAA position.

George Husted ATSS

FAA SSC-A Radar/Automation/Data-Comm Unit

Bradley International Airport

Windsor Locks, CT 06096

Dataprobe is really proud to support the FAA in keeping the Air Traffic control system reliable. We have been building redundancy systems to make communications more reliable for over 35 years.

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