Downtime costs money!

Whether you’re operating a hundred ticket kiosks in an airport or a few servers at your small business, if your system is offline, your business stops. Downtime results in lost revenue, missed opportunities, and idle personnel.

What if you could eliminate lengthy downtime and costly service calls? What if you could bring your device back up as soon as it goes down - even before you know there’s an issue? Dataprobe’s range of web power controllers makes that possible.

Single Outlet Power Control

iBoot : Single outlet Expandable
Web and Cloud Control
reboot, energy management and security.

Switched PDUs

iBoot-PDU: 4 and 8 outlet
power managers.
Advanced automation &
cloud control.

5-Amp DC power switch

iBoot-DC : 5-48VDC
up to 5 Amp
Web and Cloud Control


The power grid is entirely out of your control. Power outages and fluctuations in the grid can happen any moment. While a burned out device cannot be saved, more often than not failed devices can be brought back to life with a simple system reboot.

But if you’re not there to flip a switch or unplug a power cord, you have to waste your precious time travelling for a mundane task, or go further out of pocket paying for an IT service.

Or, you can gain control of your power supply over the Internet – with iBoot.

iBoot® is a remote-operated power controller, enabling you to switch on/off, reboot or cycle power to any connected device. You can restore a downed device from any device that can access the Internet – yes, even your phone.

With iBoot®, you no longer have to waste time or money going onsite to reboot downed equipment. iBoot® is inexpensive, easy to set up, easy to use, and is perfect for remotely managing power to servers, kiosks, ATMs, digital signage, workstations, servers and any other machines on a distributed network.

Automatic Recovery

Better yet, you can do it automatically, without even touching a key. iBoot monitors your system status with functions like AutoPing. When it detects a lockup, it can reboot your network equipment and get you back online before anyone even realizes your connection was out. A built in scheduler function enables you to automatically reboot every morning for a fresh start on your server.

ROI on the First Use

iBoot® reduces tech support calls and gets your devices back up and running quickly with minimal downtime. It can also automatically power devices up when you need them and down when you don’t, saving energy costs and cutting wear and tear.
For under $200 per remote controlled device, iBoot® pays for itself on the first saved service call. Every single Dataprobe product is fully tested and UL-certified.
Sounds like good business?

Power Product Features

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) brings Dataprobe’s remote power products under the control of all popular network management consoles.

Products can be operated via web, Telnet, phone, modem, serial, Com port, or RS-232, assuring administrators they’re always in control of their devices, without having to dispatch technicians.

Out-of-band access available via serial port or telephone, keeping the remote control option open and enabling automatic reboot when the network goes down.

Wide range of models and interfaces available: Products manage from 1 to 1000 outlets, ensuring the right fit for any home, office, industrial, security, telecom, or energy applications around the world.

iBoot® is a Registered Trademark of Dataprobe Inc. All rights Reserved.

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