Quarterly Themes as Zest and Focus to Dataprobe

Every quarter, we set a theme to keep everybody focused and excited about learning some new thing or making improvements for the company.  We try to set themes that everyone in the company can participate in and it helps us unit around a core objective.  Each theme culminates in a theme related celebration that reinforces the joy we share in learning and working together.

When we established our Core Values we set a theme around educating all our team about them and how the are used to make decisions and set goals.  We made it fun by building a game around recognizing the expression of these values in each others’ everyday actions.  Each team member got points for telling a core value story about a coworker.

We wanted to teach everyone how referrals are crucial to our sales growth and how everybody, no matter who they are, can find opportunities in their daily interactions.  Again, making a game out of it allowed our most successful referral seekers to be recognized.

When we established a dedicated Customer Feedback system, we got each department to survey our customers and analyze the results to achieve one meaningful change to our products or processes.

Melissa and James enjoy ice cream anytime of the year.

Our most recent theme centered around social media.  Each department contributed blog postings, Facebook and Twitter feeds to jumpstart our outreach in this medium.  We did not let the winter cold stop us from celebrating with an ‘Ice Cream Social’.

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