Manuals and Documentation

Latest Release

iBoot-G2 Quick Start Guide

Supports Firmware Version 1.6

Latest Release

iBoot Cloud Service Setup Guide

Get your iBoot onto the Cloud Service easily


iBoot Tips and Tricks # 1/3

Tips for iBoot Install

Advanced Setup

iBoot Tips and Tricks # 2/3
Tips for Advanced iBoot Install


iBoot Tips and Tricks # 3/3
How to make the most of automatic features

Latest Release

iBoot-G2 Manual
Supports Firmware Version 1.6

Latest Release

iBoot-G2 Datasheet
Latest Datasheet



Latest Firmware

This version addresses cloud connection issues with local impaired networks, and proxies causing repeating cloud controls.

Proxy Servers employing Zero Trust technology will no longer need to enable HTTP bypass.

Version 1.70.296.g2u Uses the Device Management Utility to Install.

Change Log

iBoot-G2 and iBoot-DC Release Notes
Revision History and prior version downloads



Device Management Utility (DMU)

Network Discovery – Set IP – Factory Defaults – Load Firmware


EZ Terminal

Terminal Emulation Program for Telnet and Serial

iBoot Control Utility

Control your iBoot programatically
with this executable.
Numerous batch
file examples to get you started.

Programmers Support

iBoot Control Utility C Code

Source code for iBoot Control Utility in C.

DxP Programming Examples

EXE and batch files to control outlets with DxP protocol

Sample CURL Commands

Sample Code utilizing our API and Windows CURL command to setup and control Cloud Connected iBoot-G2 devices


DxP Protocol Documentation

DxP Protocol description for use with DxP supported devices


ibcs API for Control and Setup iBoot-G2 Series (v3)
Use this API to control and setup a cloud connected iBoot-G2 series device


iBoot: Getting Started
iBoot: AutoPing - Automatic Network Protection
iBoot-G2 Firmware Upgrade
iBoot Whats in the Box

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