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Currently Shipping Version

iPIO-2/8/16 Quick Start Guide

All Gen 2 (ver 2) and Gen 3 (ver 3) Models

Currently Shipping (iPIO-2 and iPIO-8)

iPIO-2/8/16 Manual

Version All Gen 2 (ver 2) Models

Sales Materials

iPIO Series Data Sheet

Latest Datasheet


IPIO Tips and Tricks # 1/3
Tips for iPIO Install

Advanced Setup

IPIO Tips and Tricks # 2/3
Tips for Advanced iPIO Install

Advanced Control

IPIO Tips and Tricks # 3/3
How to make the most of your unit

Currently Shipping (iPIO-16)

iPIO-8/16 Manual
Version All Gen 3 (ver 3) Models

ELK-912-2 Dual Relay Board

ELK-912-2 Manual


Version 2.00.82 Initial Release

Current Firmware

Register your iPIO to be informed of new firmware



Device Management Utility (DMU)

Network Discovery – Set IP – Factory Defaults – Load Firmware


Control Utility
Control your iPIO programatically with this executable.
Numerous batch file examples to get you started

Control Relays from a batch file.

SNMP Control Utility

Contains program, sample batch, instructions.

Programmers Support

IPIO Control Utility C

Source code for IPIO Control Utility in C.

DxP Programming Examples

DxP Protocol Documentation

Python Code Examples

Using the DxP protocol examples in Python


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