Ensure reliability of your critical applications and minimize downtime with the T-APS Series. With the T-APS T-1 / E-1 automatic protection switches, you can quickly restore critical lines and equipment by easily switching over to redundant services.

T-APS – End to End Protection

Protect your T-Span with a pair of automatic protection switches. Both links are continuously monitored and the switches coordinate switching, so you are never out of sync. Use a rack mounted, multi-switch system at the host location and standalone units at the customer premise or remote office.


T-APS – Last Mile Redundancy

If you have redundant feeds to your facility these switches will insure you are always on the best option. Both feeds are monitored you set the parameters for automatic switching. Of course you always have control via network management.



The T-APS series protects redundant equipment as well as redundant T-Spans. Back-up redundant routers, channel banks, or call center systems with these layer 1 reliable switches. Let Dataprobe application engineering show you how to integrate system reliability into any system.



Features of T-APS Series Fully Automatic T-1/E-1 Protection Switching

  • Self-Contained, Standalone & Rack Mount

    Ideal for Customer Premise, Remote Site and Data Center Applications

  • Line and Equipment Protection

    Establish redundant links, or failover to standby routers and Channel Banks

  • T1 and E1 interface selectable

    Select Interface type and all parameters

  • 1+1 and 1:1 APS Protection Modes

    1+1 Mode transmits on both primary and standby link simultaneously. 1:1 Mode transmists on active link only.

  • Selectable switching activation thresholds

    Define failover parameters. Monitors both active and standby circuits and switches to best available

  • Selectable line validation thresholds

    Switchback only to known good circuit or device.

  • CPE check to prevent false switching

    Prevents false switching when common CPE is faulty

  • Configurable via front panel or RS-232 port

    Craft port allows on-site access and Out-of-Band management

  • Fail-Soft Power Loss Cutover

    Active path remains functional when switch loses power.

  • SNMP Manageable

    Integrate into your newtwork management scheme

  • Dual Power Inputs

    48 VDC and 90 ~ 250 VAC power input (DC Priority)


Screenshots of T-APS Series Fully Automatic T-1/E-1 Protection Switching

T-APS Standalone Version

Ideal for Customer Premise Locations Redundant A/C and 48VDC Powered T-APS

T-APS-R Rack Mount Card

Complete T-1 / E-1 Protection Switch in 1 Card T-APS-R

T-APS Card Chassis

Holds up to 15 T-APS-R Cards 48 VDC Powered A/C Power Supply Optional T-APS-R-15

A/C Power Supply for Nest

A/C Power for Nest T-APS-R-15 Worldwide 110 – 250 VAC Up to 2 per T-APS-R-15 for Redundancy NOT Required for T-APS Standalone PS-48-WRI


Specifications of T-APS Series Fully Automatic T-1/E-1 Protection Switching

  • T1 Interface

    Line Code AMI B8ZS
    Frame Format SF ESF Unframed
    Bit Rate 1.544M b/s
    Impendance 100 Ohms Resistive Balanced
    Input Level 0-36 dB
    Output Level 6V p-p
    Line Build Out 0-655 feet
  • E1 Interface

    Bit Rate 2.048 M b/s
    Line Code AMI HDB3
    Frame Format CCS CAS CCS+CRC CAS+CRC Unframed
    Impendance 120 Ohms Resistive Balanced
    Input Level 0-43 dB
    Output Level 6V p-p
    Line Build Out 0-655 feet
  • LED Indicators

    Run System Operational
    Master Master/Slave Configuration Status
    T1 System Configured for T1
    E1 System Configured for E1
    L1 Line 1 Selected / Operational
    L2 Line 2 Selected / Operational
    LOS Loss of Signal Indicator
    OOF Out of Frame Indicator
    AIS Alarm Indication Signal
    RAI Remote Alarm Indicator
    Failure System Failure Indicator
    LPBK Loopback Indicator
    ACO Alarm Acknowledgment Indicator
  • Programmable Parameters Automatic Switching

    Code Violation Fail: 1×10-3 to 1×10-7
    Qualify: 1×10-5 to 1×10-9
    CRC Error Fail: 1×10-1 to 1×10-5
    Qualify: 1×10-3 to 1×10-7
    Frame Error Fail: 1×10-1 to 1×10-5
    Qualify: 1×10-3 to 1×10-7
    AIS Unframed or Framed
    Loss of Signal  
    Fault Duration 500 ms, 1000 ms, 1500 ms, 2000 ms
    Recovery Qualify Time 0-98 Minutes, None
  • Console Port

    RS-232 D9 DTE VT100
    9600 bps, 8 Data Bits, 1 Stop Bit, No Parity (9600, 8, N, 1)

  • Power

    90-250V AC 47-63Hz and -48V±5V DC. Simultaneous use with DC priority

  • Weight

    2.5 Lbs

  • Dimensions

    8″ W× 2.75″ H × 9.5″ D

  • Operating Temperature

    0ºC – 50ºC

  • Relative Humidity

    0% – 90%,Non-condensing

  • Regulatory Compliance

    FCC Part 15 Class A

  • Reliability

    MTBF 44,000 hrs