Thanks to Our Essential Workers

Photo by Nicholas Bartos on Unsplash

As we navigate through this critical period in history, it’s important to take time to reflect upon what we are thankful for. Recent events have been challenging—but they have also provided us with moments to consider and appreciate those individuals who are playing an important role in getting us through them.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to:

  • Our brave frontline clinicians, first responders, and essential workers who are facing this pandemic head-on
  • Our teachers who are exploring the new frontier of distance learning
  • The employees who must forge ahead to keep our supply chain intact by working in grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, service and repair, and transportation
  • Volunteers who cook and deliver food to hospitals and care facilities, sew PPE, stock food banks, and distribute supplies to families who are food insecure. We are also thankful for our local neighbors and businesses who fundraise in support of these initiatives
  • Neighbors who have taken an extra moment to show compassion…whether that is checking on a friend, providing a ride, or dropping off groceries
  • Our clients who have reached out to keep in touch with us
  • Our Dataprobe family. Our loyal staff is working together to keep everything running smoothly; both off-site and on-site. We’re especially grateful for employees whose jobs demand that they come in to work. They show up each day with great attention to disinfecting and social distancing policies and get their jobs done in order to serve our valued customers.

This time period has been very painful for many; and at the very least, trying for us all. As we rise up to meet the challenges of today, we are also preparing to rise up together to move business forward tomorrow. In gratitude!

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