The Great Work-From-Home Reinvestment

Telecommuting has become the new normal in 2020. Trying to get your job done throughout these months of pandemic is disruptive; yet this business “model” can also enhance our professional lives.

As Zoom stocks skyrocket, commercial office space values are taking a nosedive.

Most of us who were used to the 9 to 5 grind and its accompanying commute have slammed on the brakes to work from home; scrambling for web cams, printers, office chairs, and 5G networks.

COVID-19 has changed everything and the typical office environment will never be the same.

Flexible schedules are convenient, and nothing is better than rocking your sweatpants while you negotiate a new deal or audit the company books. We have the freedom to enjoy more autonomy in our careers, but the responsibility lies with us to remain diligent, available, and productive. Not to mention, we need to think creatively and be our own IT technician!

During this time, most of us discovered that our disaster preparedness was lacking. Digital systems went down and needed a reboot, communications were disconnected, and gaining access to remote files was a labyrinth of credentials, passwords, security codes.

We’ve stabilized the rocking boat for now, but moving forward we need established policies for remote access and well-planned backup protocols in order to remain viable, practical, and profitable in this brave new world.

Telecommuting saves space, time, money, and the environment; but these savings need to be reinvested into reliable back-up equipment, digital switching systems, network power switches, and a strong, speedy internet infrastructure.

Given the right tools and a healthy environment, the changes can have the potential to bring a better life/work balance. But it takes the investment.

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